October 2010 Annual Training Conference Group Picture

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Here is the group photo that was taken at the 2010 Annual Training Conference at the Census Bureau.

Group Photo - October 2010
Group Photo - 2010 Training Conference at the Census Bureau

Local Census 2010 Websites

Posted on Updated on has compiled a list of state-level Census 2010 websites, so check out what other states are doing.

Minnesota’s PSA Video

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Here is a link to Minnesota’s first Census 2010 video:

ACS: General Commentary on the Findings from External Evaluations

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Abstract for an article written by Robert Scardamalia in Population Research and Policy Review, Vol. 25, No. 3, June 2006.

Complete Count Committee Brochure

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View the CCC brochure from the Census Bureau, or download the Publisher file (8.5 MB) so you can customize the brochure for your own CCC activities.

Complete Count Committee Planning Database Handbook for Census 2000

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Julie Hoang provided this handbook about the planning database for San Francisco County, complete with data and maps.