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County Characteristics Explorer

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New from Cornell Program on Applied Demographics
County Characteristics Explorer
Application that provides insights in the estimated characteristics of the county populations and its change over time. The application uses the Census Bureau’s API to retrieve the data from the Census Bureau population estimates.
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Mapping Hard to Count Communities webinar recording

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New from Center for Urban Research CUNY
Mapping Hard to Count Communities webinar recording
In this webinar, part of the Plan to Plan for 2020 webinar series, Steven Romalewski provided an overview of the Mapping Hard to Count Communities site. In addition, he shared his experience working with the Census Planning Database for this and other projects. Steven Romalewski serves as Director of the CUNY Mapping Service at the Center for Urban Research, CUNY Graduate Center.
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North Dakota Census 2020 Flyer

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New from North Dakota Department of Commerce
North Dakota Census 2020 Flyer

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Arizona State Population Website

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New from Arizona State Data Center
Arizona State Population Website
The State Demographer’s Office develops the official population estimates and projections for the State of Arizona. It collects and reviews data (sometimes called symptomatic indicators of population change) and conducts research to improve the accuracy of the demographic models used in estimates and projections. The State Demographer’s Office works collaboratively with the U.S. Bureau of the Census to facilitate the use of demographic information in Arizona.
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Census Solutions Workshop Toolkit

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A solutions workshop is a creative, collaborative, problem-solving event that brings together diverse thinkers.
The Census Solutions Workshop is specifically geared to generate new ways of communicating the importance of census data, reaching hard-to-count populations, and encouraging participation in Census Bureau surveys and programs.
The workshop consists of a specific series of activities based on a design thinking methodology that help participants get to know each other, set ambitious goals, think outside the box, brainstorm with others, and quickly develop proposals for new solutions to engage communities in the census.
This toolkit is a step-by-step guide to planning and running a successful Census Solutions Workshop.


We designed this toolkit for any organization, company, or community group invested in getting out the count— and seeking creative collaborations and new ideas for doing so.


A complete count ensures accurate census data that is critical for government programs, policies, and decision-making, but participation in Census Bureau surveys has declined in recent decades.
The Census Bureau has always relied on partners like you to help spread the word. We want to support you in coming up with innovative and engaging ways to reach your communities.


Census Solutions Workshop Toolkit (5 Meg Word Document)



Complete Count Committee Planning: Washington State Example

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New from Washington OFM
Complete Count Committee Planning: Washington State Example
Presented by Erica Gardner at the National SDC Annual Conference, April 10, 2018.
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Interactive Map of Selected Massachusetts Economics and Demographics

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New from Massachusetts State Data Center
Interactive Map of Selected Massachusetts Economics and Demogrpahics
Municipal-level maps of income, labor force, education, and inequality data
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