2020 Census State or SDC websites

Arizona State Data Center’s Census Links Library

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New from Arizona State Data Center: Arizona State Data Center’s Census Links Library
The Arizona State Data Center’s Census Links Library is a collection of links to websites and other online
resources focused on helping Arizona’s constituents in navigating the various resources available through the
U.S. Census Bureau and their many censuses, surveys, and informational programs, which are available to the
public. This resource links library focuses on general Census Bureau data and information as well as data
focused on the State of Arizona and it’s areas of interest.
Find it here: https://www.azcommerce.com/media/vopid4vw/azsdc_censuslibrary_main-page.pdf

New Hampshire 2020 Census Website

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New from New Hampshire State Data Center
New Hampshire 2020 Census Website
The New Hampshire Office of Strategic Initiatives has created a 2020 Census Website which includes resources for a range of Hard to Count Populations and other Affinity Groups. The 2020 Census website and resource pages are updated every few days.
Find it here: https://www.nh.gov/osi/data-center/2020-census

State of Arizona Census 2020 Website

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New from Arizona State Data Center
State of Arizona Census 2020 Website

Find it here: https://azcensus2020.gov/

California Complete Count Committee website

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New from California State DataCenter
California Complete Count Committee website
The California Complete Count – Census 2020 Office (California Census Office) is coordinating the State’s outreach and communication strategy, which focuses on the hardest-to-count residents. Working through local governments, Tribal Governments, community-based organizations and media, the state is funding work that will complement work being done nationally by the U.S. Census Bureau. California leaders have invested $187.2 million toward a statewide outreach and communication campaign.
Find it here: https://census.ca.gov/

North Carolina Complete Count Commission

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New from North Carolina State Data Center
North Carolina Complete Count Commission
Website to promote and coordinate 2020 Census participation and recruitment in North Carolina.
Find it here: http://census.nc.gov