2020 Census Info Sheets

Arkansas 2020 Census Handout

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New from University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Arkansas 2020 Census Handout

Find it here: http://aedi.ualr.edu/pubs/2018/18_012020CensusDayHandout.pdf

North Dakota Census 2020 Flyer

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New from North Dakota Department of Commerce
North Dakota Census 2020 Flyer

Find it here: https://www.commerce.nd.gov/uploads/29/NDDOC_Census2020Flyer_v2.pdf

North Carolina and the 2020 Census

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New from NC State Data Center
North Carolina and the 2020 Census
2020 Census info sheet addressing frequently asked questions from the public and the potential involvement of local governments.
Find it here: https://sdcclearinghouse.files.wordpress.com/2017/09/2020ncfactsheet.pdf