2020 Census Partnership and Complete Count Comm

A Complete 2020 Census Count is Critical for One of the Fastest-Growing Counties in the Nation

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New from Arizona State Data Center
A Complete 2020 Census Count is Critical for One of the Fastest-Growing Counties in the Nation.
MAG has created the Regional Census Communication Group representing all of its member communities. The group has been meeting regularly since August 2018 to exchange ideas, information and resources pertaining to 2020 Census outreach strategies. Most of the group’s member agencies have established a Complete Count Committee (CCC) or other working groups that meet and strategize on how best to reach the unique populations in their communities.
Find it here: https://www.census.gov/library/stories/2019/12/connecting-with-partners-maricopa-association-of-governments.html

Outreach materials on 2020census.gov

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From the Desk of Ali Ahmad, Associate Director for Communications, Census Bureau:


To help U.S. Census Bureau partners, stakeholders and staff engage their communities about the 2020 Census, the Communications Directorate offers outreach materials about the 2020 Census that can be shared with the public and provides resources that explain what partners can do to contribute.

More than 120 materials and resources across languages are now available on the 2020 Census website, with more additions coming later this month. Visit the Outreach Materials page at 2020census.gov/partners to find downloadable handouts, posters, social media posts, toolkits and other resources to support your 2020 Census outreach. Materials can be filtered by language, type and audience and can be used both digitally and in print.

When you visitors the 2020 Census website you can use an interactive version of the 2020 Census questionnaire to explore the questions asked on the census and access translated web pages and guides in 59 languages other than English, as well as resources in large print. Resources for American Sign Language and Braille are coming soon.

Some of the many materials and resources now available include:

Please share these materials with your networks and partners to help raise awareness of the 2020 Census and promote response.

We encourage you to follow the Census Bureau’s social media channels. Please like, share and retweet 2020 Census content with your family and friends.

Census Information for Rental Property Owners

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New from Metropolitan Council
Census Information for Rental Property Owners

Landlords and building managers need to know: How does the Census work? When does it happen? What if an occupied apartment or unit does not receive any Census materials? Who needs to be counted in my apartment building? How can you verify that someone is a Census worker? What might a Census worker ask of a landlord or building manager? Is answering the Census required? Are there privacy issues to consider? Visit here https://metrocouncil.org/Housing/Services/Metro-HRA-Rental-Assistance/Landlords/2020-Census-Information.aspx for answers to all of these Frequently Asked Questions about the coming 2020 Census.

Montana Census 2020

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New from Montana Census & Information Center
Montana Census 2020
Comprehensive site for 2020 communications with state message
Find it here: https://ceic.mt.gov/Census2020