The Steering Committee consists of nine members, selected to represent the member agencies of the State Data Center Program. Members serve 3-year terms. Three members complete terms each year, and three are elected.

The 2022 Steering Committee

  • Chair: Mary Craigle (Montana)
  • Vice Chair: Mallory Bateman (Utah)
  • Co-Secretary: Michael Moser (Vermont)
  • Co-Secretary: Katie Springer (Indiana)
  • Greg Bell (Alabama)
  • Erica Gardner (Washington)
  • Alfred Sundara (Maryland)
  • Gary Krob (Iowa)
  • Jennifer Shultz (Pennsylvania)


Conference Calls

The Steering Committee holds a monthly conference call with Census Bureau staff to discuss current releases, issues, and upcoming meetings.

Your input is important to these calls, so please contact a Steering Committee member to let them know your concerns and questions.


Elections are held in January, a few months in advance of the annual meeting. Candidates are usually self-nominated. If you want to be on the Steering Committee, stand up and say so! A call for nominations will occur in November.

Employees of State Lead Agencies and Coordinating Agencies are eligible to run for the Steering Committee. The current Steering Committee has membership from all regions; large and small states; state agencies and universities; old-hands-at-this-stuff and newbies too.

Additional details on Steering Committee eligibility, term, and election can be found in the SDC Steering Committee Bylaws, section 4.

This website is maintained by SDC member volunteers, with governance from the SDC Steering Committee. This website receives no federal funding. The domain registration and WordPress costs are currently sponsored by the North Carolina State Data Center, State of North Carolina.