The network has a steering committee of nine members. Each has a 3-year term. Three members complete terms each year, and three are elected.

The 2017-18 Steering Committee


Conference Calls

On the second Tuesday of each month, the Steering Committee has a conference call with Census Bureau staff to discuss current releases, issues, and upcoming meetings.

Your input is essential to these calls, so please contact a Steering Committee member to let them know your concerns and questions.


Elections are held in January, a few months in advance of the annual meeting. The term of office begins with the annual meeting.

Candidates are usually self-nominated. If you want to be on the Steering Committee, stand up and say so! A call for nominations will occur in November or December.

Any person with a lead or coordinating agency is eligible to run for the Steering Committee. Please notice that the current Steering Committee has membership from all regions; men and women; leads and coordinating members; state agencies and universities.

The election will be administered electronically. Lead agencies are encouraged to seek advice from their state networks, because there is only ONE vote per state and territory lead agency.