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2023 State Data Centers Steering Committee

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  • Chair- Mallory Bateman, Utah
  • Vice Chair- Michael Moser, Vermont
  • Co-Secretary- Katie Springer, Indiana
  • Co-Secretary- Susannah Robichaux, Alabama
  • Member- Monica Cruz, Texas
  • Member- Erica Gardner, Washington
  • Member- Gary Krob, Iowa
  • Member- Jen Schultz, Pennsylvania
  • Member- Alfred Sundara, Maryland

2023 SDC Steering Committee Election

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Voting begins now to elect members of this year’s SDC Steering Committee!

We have created an election website, complete with candidate info, to streamline the process for you. Please visit the site to learn about the candidates and VOTE! It takes no more than 5 minutes. Voting ends January 31, 2023.


State Data Center Steering Committee Nominations

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This is a reminder that the national State Data Centers Network is seeking nominations for Steering Committee membership. 

Nominations are accepted through December 31.  

Please see below for all the details.


The annual SDC Steering Committee nomination process is now open.

Looking for an opportunity to enhance your knowledge of the Census Bureau and help shape the future direction of the State Data Center (SDC) program?

Are you motivated to serve your data user community and present local perspectives directly to the Census Bureau? 

If you answered yes, then you’re in luck.  The annual SDC Steering Committee nomination process is now open!

Every year, three (coveted) spots on the SDC network’s Steering Committee become open.  

You can nominate yourself or someone else (with their permission please).  Employees of SDC Coordinating Agencies and State Lead Agencies are eligible.  All nominees are presented to the SDC network membership for a general election that takes place in January, 2023.  Each state has one ballot to cast.  Newly-elected Steering Committee members begin their terms in February, 2023.

Nominations are due by December 31, 2022.

Nominations should include concise responses for the following:

  1. Biography- Where does the nominee work?  Any special professional interests?  Relevant professional or program roles?
  2. What special perspective or goals would the nominee bring as a Steering Committee member?
  3. What aspects of the SDC program do you value most?

Please e-mail nominations to Michael Moser and Katie Springer on or before December 31st. 


What does the SDC Steering Committee do?

The Steering Committee consists of nine members, elected to represent the 56 states and territories in the State Data Center Program.

The Steering Committee advises the Census Bureau on the administration of the State Data Center Program; assists the Census Bureau with its surveys and programs; works with the Census Bureau to plan and conduct the Annual Training Conference; and improves the flow of information and ideas among member agencies and between member agencies and the Census Bureau.

In plain language: We’re here to serve the data user community, partner with the Census Bureau, and represent our States’ interests with the Census Bureau.

If elected, you are signing up to participate in monthly Steering Committee conference calls,with an expectation of volunteered time on committee initiatives, webinars, and other small projects.  Before nominating yourself, determine whether you have the time and job-flexibility to contribute.  Steering Committee members need to work for organizations that support these time commitments. 

There are typically three trips a year to the Bureau headquarters for in-person meetings; however, these meetings may be held virtually. The Census Bureau fully covers Committee Members’ transportation, hotel and expenses for the in-person meetings.

Sincerely, your current SDC network Steering Committee:

  • Chair- Mary Craigle, Montana
  • Vice Chair- Mallory Bateman, Utah
  • Co-Secretary- Katie Springer, Indiana
  • Co-Secretary- Michael Moser, Vermont
  • Member- Gregg Bell, Alabama
  • Member- Erica Gardner, Washington
  • Member- Gary Krob, Iowa
  • Member- Jen Schultz, Pennsylvania
  • Member- Alfred Sundara, Maryland