2020 Census Operational Timeline — Update

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The Census Bureau has released an updated timeline for the 2020 Census due to COVID-19.

A PDF of the latest updated operational timeline is also available.

White Screen or Access Denied Work-arounds on

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Posted on behalf of Census Bureau/ CLMSO and Census Bureau/ CEDSCI. This post discusses the website status as of March 17, 2020. More information will be coming.

We are so sorry you are having issues. In the majority of cases, the white screen or error message is an issue with the ASM security policy from the Census Bureau. We are working with TCO on this issue, but they are severely understaffed and we need their guidance to figure out next steps on how to implement changes in our code. We are working on getting this fixed, but we do not have a timetable other than it is an URGENT defect.

There are a few things people can do:
1. Use Chrome
2. Clear your cache
3. Enter the site through Advanced Search at
4. Still not working or getting Error messages, send to

White Screen WorkArounds: Slides are attached.

If anyone has questions, issues or problems with, they are encouraged to contact us at

Please pass this email on to your Stakeholder and Partners.

Thank you,
The CEDSCI and DUB Staff

2020 Census Webinar — Mobile Questionnaire Assistance Operation

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A webinar was held by the Census Bureau on February 11, 2020 for the State Data Center Network.

The PowerPoint is also available.

Outreach materials on

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From the Desk of Ali Ahmad, Associate Director for Communications, Census Bureau:


To help U.S. Census Bureau partners, stakeholders and staff engage their communities about the 2020 Census, the Communications Directorate offers outreach materials about the 2020 Census that can be shared with the public and provides resources that explain what partners can do to contribute.

More than 120 materials and resources across languages are now available on the 2020 Census website, with more additions coming later this month. Visit the Outreach Materials page at to find downloadable handouts, posters, social media posts, toolkits and other resources to support your 2020 Census outreach. Materials can be filtered by language, type and audience and can be used both digitally and in print.

When you visitors the 2020 Census website you can use an interactive version of the 2020 Census questionnaire to explore the questions asked on the census and access translated web pages and guides in 59 languages other than English, as well as resources in large print. Resources for American Sign Language and Braille are coming soon.

Some of the many materials and resources now available include:

Please share these materials with your networks and partners to help raise awareness of the 2020 Census and promote response.

We encourage you to follow the Census Bureau’s social media channels. Please like, share and retweet 2020 Census content with your family and friends.

2020 Steering Committee Election

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During the first weeks of January, the State Data Center Steering Committee holds its annual election. There are five candidates seeking election to the Steering Committee, competing for three open seats. Each candidate has answered questions about his/her background and priorities. Candidate statements are here:

Alfred Sundara (Maryland)

Walter Schwarm (California)

Erica Gardner (Washington)

Gregg Bell (Alabama)

Mallory Bateman (Utah)


Our election administrator has distributed vote instructions to all State Leads through Only the State Leads can vote. We will follow-up with reminders. Your specific candidate selections are protected as confidential by

Balloting will be open for 10 business days, concluding on Friday, January 17, 2020. Vote before then please.

If you are the main contact for one of the 56 State Lead agencies and have questions about the voting process, please contact the election administrator: Bob Coats