Add a Countdown to Your Website

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The instructions below explain how to install a countdown on your own website. This was originally used as a LUCA countdown at but can be adapted a variety of ways.

The Clock

This is from You can customize size and background color, and this is the code needed on your webpage:


The Countdowns

  1. Download the following files and save to a location on your web server. (Note: these are the same code, but they have been customized to display different descriptions for BAS and full review.)
  2. Link the javascripts in the head of your webpage (you’ll want to use your own path depending on where you saved them in your site hierarchy)):
  3. Call the script at the point where you want it to display on the same page with the following code ( this is where you set the date):
    • countdownBAS(2007,10,31);
    • countdown(2007,11,19);

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