SF3 Code, Census 2000

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The Network has a long history of collaborating on the writing of SAS and SPSS code and to share that within the network. It is a signficant network collaboration that shows an outstanding commitment by peers nationwide to share each other’s work.

Instead of hundreds of programmers developing similar routines and code, this collaborative effort leverages the work of a few and maximizing output for the entire network. Individual units are free to customize the modules and the data for purposes specific to their constituents. We only ask that credit be given to the SDC/BIDC National Network.

SAS Code



Link to Access template files at the Census Bureau


SAS Team Credits

Roy Williams of MISER, the lead agency of the Massachusetts SDC was the SAS Team Leader for this SAS version. He can be contacted with questions, comments and suggestions at (413) 545-3460 or rwilliams@miser.umass.edu.

The other team members were: Julie Hoang (CA), Jeff Wallace (OK), Xan Stevens (KS), Phyllis Smith and her staff (AR), Amy Chen (MD), Sue Copella, Larry Meyers, Jenn Schultz, and Mike DeFrank at Penn State (PA), and Annette Boyer (CO).

John Blodgett of the Missouri SDC produced the conversion kit.

SPSS Team Credits

Lenny Gaines of the New York SDC was the SPSS Team Leader for this SPSS version.  He can be contacted with questions, comments and suggestions at (518) 292-5300 or laines@empire.state.ny.us.

The other team members were Betty Brown, Florida, Jane Weintrop, Ruth Waite, Joe Pereira, Dale Miller and Richard Satkin.

Betty Brown of the Florida SDC produced the conversion kit.

Content Design

The content design team included Karen Lamphere & Julie Hoang (CA), Jane Traynham (MD), David Joye (NJ), Orlando Rodriguez (CT), Carol Rogers (IN), and Bob Scardamalia (NY), the latter two serving as co-chairs for the SDC 2k Products subcommittee of the SDC/BIDC Steering Committee. Julie Hoang, Lenny Gaines (NY), Betty Brown (FL) and Roy Williams also made substantial contributions to the final designs at the coding stage. Bob Scardamalia in consultation with his NY SDC staff and affiliates made the difficult initial decisions concerning how to assign the SF3 tables to the various modules.

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