Blog: New ways for YOU to keep in the loop with the Federal Government

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(Courtesy of Todd Graham in MN)

If you haven’t looked lately, US GPO and Federal Register made big improvements to their websites in 2014. The sites are easier to navigate and search. And, once you find the page you want, you can use XML/RSS feeds to keep tabs on new updates and new content.

Every week there’s a ton of Federal Register notices and announcements coming from scores of federal agencies and departments. For my part, I’m only interested in some (not all) of the notices at just four agencies — four out of 434.

So here’s my timesaver. I have a bookmarked “feeds” page, automatically refreshed with content of just the agencies I want to follow. For example: returns just Census Bureau’s notices.

Also there are similar pages for 434 other federal agencies and departments:

I know many people are saying they must have email. Good news: The Federal Register can send email too. Get yours — subscribe here:

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