2018 Steering Committee Election

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Voting has begun for the State Data Center Steering Committee. There are six candidates seeking election, competing for three open seats. Each candidate has answered questions about their background and priorities for the Steering Committee. Candidate information is linked here:

 Alfred Sundara (Maryland)

 Karen Louie (California)

 Mallory Bateman (Utah)

 Michael Moser (Vermont)

 Pam Schenker (Florida)

 Suzan Reagan (New Mexico)

SDC Leads may vote for up to three candidates.

The SDC Steering Committee uses BallotBin for its elections.  We are sending vote instructions to all SDC Leads through BallotBin.  The system can track which SDC Leads have and have not voted — and we may follow-up with reminders!  Your specific candidate selections are confidential, of course.

This election will end at 11:59 PM (Eastern Time) on Thursday, January 18, 2018.  Please vote before then.

If you have questions about the voting process, please contact the election administrators: Dan Veroff dlveroff@wisc.edu and Gregg Bell gbell@cba.ua.edu.

One thought on “2018 Steering Committee Election

    sotatodd responded:
    January 25, 2018 at 3:03 pm

    The election of new Steering Committee members wrapped up last week. Thanks all of you who voted!

    Congratulations to newly elected member Michael Moser (University of Vermont), and re-elected members Suzan Reagan (University of New Mexico) and Pam Schenker (Florida Economic & Demographic Research).

    Our 2018 Steering Committee will have its first meeting in early February.

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