Jennifer Brown’s Restaurants and Eateries Recommendations

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Jennifer Brown’s Restaurants and Eateries Recommendations


Nearby (and in ascending order of estimated cost):

Amalie’s French Bakery, 380 S College, for French pastries 

Green’s Lunch, 309 W 4th St, for a hot dog with chili

JJ’s Red Hots, 400 S Tryon, hot dogs with hand-made pickles + good onion rings 

Reid’s Fine Foods, 121 W Trade, for breakfast or lunch — they have build your own salads and sandwiches

Rhino Market & Deli, 400 S Tryon, breakfast, sandwiches, lots of vegetarian selection (including pimento cheese) + local craft beer 

Mert’s Heart & Soul, 214 N College, the veggie plate with mac & cheese and collard greens is great

7th Street Public Market, 224 E 7th, for various local vendors (pizza, coffee, etc.)

Queen City Q, 225 E 6th, for BBQ 

The Haymaker, 225 S Poplar, “farm-to-table” seasonal

The Asbury, 235 N Tryon, “fancy” southern food at one of the oldest hotels in town — the deviled eggs and biscuits are good

Loft& Cellar, 305 W 4th, “eclectic” southern food with a small, seasonal menu 

5Church, 127 N Tryon, former Top Chef contender’s restaurant in a historic hotel, a little further, but still “Uptown”

Alexander Micheal’s, 401 W 9th, low-key tavern food (think: a little bit of everything) with fried pickles

Southend (take the Lynx to East/West) or your choice of for hire vehicle:
Price’s Chicken Coop, 1614 Camden Rd., “best fried chicken in Charlotte” since 1962 – get the chicken, hushpuppies & cole slaw

Sauceman’s, 228 West Blvd, “Lexington-style” BBQ 

Mac’s Speed Shop, 2511 South Blvd, famous for Carolina beef brisket, they also have good wings + 60 beers.


Art’s BBQ, 900 E Morehead, famous for their Brunswick stew, good chopped pork sandwich (open for lunch only).

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