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Workbook: ORGANIZING Complete Count Committees

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New from Minnesota State Demographic Center
Workbook: ORGANIZING Complete Count Committees
The CCC is open and inclusive, speaks the languages of all the communities within it, and builds trust by encouraging neighbor-to-neighbor awareness of the importance of an accurate census count.
Find it here: https://mn.gov/admin/assets/CCC%20workbook_3-15-18_tcm36-330543.pdf

Tasks and Responsibilities of SDC Lead Agencies

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New from NIU Center for Governmental Studies
Tasks and Responsibilities of SDC Lead Agencies
High-level inventory of tasks and responsibilities of SDC Lead Agencies.
Find it here: https://sdcclearinghouse.files.wordpress.com/2018/02/tasks-and-responsibilities-of-sdc-lead-agencies.docx

Indiana’s 2020 Census website

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New from Indiana SDC
Indiana’s 2020 Census website
This site is for Hoosiers by Hoosiers to provide timely information on Census 2020.
Find it here: http://www.census.indiana.edu/

Refresher on Census’s embargo data access program

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Many of you have embargo data access privileges with the Census Bureau. This post is a refresher on the rules associated with the embargo access program.

Your embargo data access allows you to download, review and analyze data 1-2 days prior to public release. This early access enables you to prepare a local news release to coincide with the public release day, prepare your own SDC agency’s website for the public release day, and respond to press requests for comment.  (Note: Members of the press will need to get any data downloads via their own embargo data access logins.) 

If you have embargo data access privileges, this access is for you alone; your username and password cannot to be shared.

Within your SDC, if there are co-workers who need their own embargo data access, these co-workers can request it. Please apply for embargo data access on the census.gov website. Contact any member of the SDC Steering Committee if you have questions. 

Some SDC coordinating agencies have or need access. Please share this email with them, as they are subject to the same rules.

With this access, certain rules apply. Census Bureau’s embargo policy is online, here: www.census.gov/newsroom/embargo/embargo-policy.html

Embargo access is granted on an individual basis only and cannot be shared with unapproved colleagues or associates

Embargoed news releases and data files may not be released to the public by any means… before the specified date and time of release. Failure to adhere to this embargo policy will result in the removal of the embargo privileges for the entire state or organization’s contacts as follows:

  1. First breach – six-month suspension of embargo privileges.
  2. Subsequent breach – one-year suspension of embargo privileges. Reinstatement must be requested in writing.

The Census Bureau, through its Public Information Office, reserves the right to deny access to embargoed information to any entity that abuses embargo privileges.

If an embargo is broken, the Census Bureau will immediately release the data to the public and a notification will be sent alerting data users that the information is now available to the public.

The Assistant Director for Communications or his/her designee has final approval on all matters pertaining to embargo access.

If you have questions about appropriate use of embargo data, please ask Census Bureau CLMSO staff.

Finally, if you know of co-workers or SDC network colleagues who need embargo access, please apply for embargo data access on the census.gov website. Contact any member of the SDC Steering Committee if you have questions.

Census 2020 related web pages focused on New York State

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New from Cornell Program on Applied Demographics
Census 2020 related web pages focused on New York State
Includes Census Bureau meetings March-May.
Find it here: https://pad.human.cornell.edu/census2020/nyportal.cfm