2011 Steering Committee Elections

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Elections have now begun for the State Data Center Steering Committee. SDC lead agencies are allowed to cast the lone ballot for their areas. There are five candidates on this year’s ballot, and the lead agency may vote for three.

(Note: 27 states have voted as of August 19)

Each candidate has answered 4 questions about their vision for the SDC Steering Committee. You may see their responses by clicking on their names.

Voting will end at 12:00 noon, EST, on Friday, September 2, 2011. Voters who have not completed their ballots by 12:00 noon, EST, on Tuesday, August 23, 2011 will receive a reminder email notice. The 2011 SDC Steering Committee election uses BallotBin.com, and Bob Coats of the SDC Steering Committee is the administrator of the election process. While the votes are confidential, the administrator can tell which voters on the email list have voted. If you have questions about the voting process, please contact Bob Coats (Bob.Coats@osbm.nc.gov)

2010 Steering Committee Elections

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The 4 candidates for the steering committee are listed below and this pdf provides information about the candidates: Nominees for the National State Data Center Steering Committee

  • Allen Barnes (Arizona)
  • Warren Brown (Georgia)
  • Bob Coats (North Carolina)
  • Clifford Holley (Mississippi)

Vote Now

Note: you must be a lead agency in order to vote.

July 20 – Deadline for Steering Committee nominations

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It is that time again for SDC Steering Committee elections. In order to have an election, we need YOU! SDC Steering Committee nominations are now open. With this call for nominations, please consider the contribution you can make by filling one of the three seats that will be open this year! The deadline for nominations is July 20, 2010. Click here for more information about the elections and Steering Committee.

2009 Steering Committee Elections

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The five candidates for the steering committee are listed below and here are their descriptions: Steering Committee Nominees

  • Amy Bittner (WY)
  • Joanne Cassulo (NH)
  • Carol Rogers (IN)
  • Will “Chip” Sawyer (VT)
  • Pam Schenker (FL)