End-User Testing of DataFerrett

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Doug Hillmer is currently working with the Census Bureau team of programmers that supports the DataFerrett application to help them improve the overall usability of the application.  An essential step in this project is an end-user test currently planned for mid-November.  Doug is leading this test effort.  He has asked the SDC Steering Committee to inform the entire SDC network about this upcoming test and to pass on his call for participation by SDC members who use DataFerrett (either occasionally or frequently).

Doug has promised send out materials to each participating tester well in advance.  Recognizing that we all have our regular work to get done, the tests are being planned to keep the burden minimal (hopefully, under two hours) for each participating tester.  The entire end-user testing effort will occur over a period of 3 days (exact dates to be announced).

We hope SDC members using DataFerrett will agree to participate, since this effort will contribute to enhanced usability of this important application.  To volunteer to participate or to request more information, send Doug an email at

Experts by Topic

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Many of your colleagues are willing to share their expertise in particular subject areas with you individually by phone or e-mail. We conducted a survey of the network and have produced an excel file, sorted into sheets by topic, that provides the state, name, and contact information for folks to talk to. The topics range from the American Community Survey to LUCA and PUMS and even historical census data.