Comments on the 2020 Census data collection plan

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The SDC steering committee has submitted comments on the 2020 Census data collection plan, in response to last month’s Federal Register Notice. We identify issues related to Nonresponse Followup, Internet Self-Response, and Redistricting Data. Also we advise, again, that a citizenship self-response question is not the only available approach for obtaining citizen population counts — and that the proposed self-response question introduces unnecessary risks to 2020 Census’s validity.

This letter was sent to US OMB on January 22, 2019.  Letter commenting on the 2020 Census data collection plan

Note: If you plan to submit your own comments, please be aware: The Federal Register notice directs commenters to an OMB email address that is either malfunctioning or has never been set up. We advise submitting comments by US Mail and also OMB’s main email address. The deadline is January 25, 2019.