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SF1 Code, Census 2000

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The Network has a long history of collaborating on the writing of SAS and SPSS code and to share that within the network. It is a signficant network collaboration that shows an outstanding commitment by peers nationwide to share each other’s work.

Instead of hundreds of programmers developing similar routines and code, this collaborative effort leverages the work of a few and maximizing output for the entire network. Individual units are free to customize the modules and the data for purposes specific to their constituents. We only ask that credit be given to the SDC/BIDC National Network.

SAS Code


Counting All Californians: Report of CCC strategy in 2000

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Counting All Californians: An Analysis of Outreach Effectiveness (PDF: 16.8 MB)

This report provided by Julie Hoang details everything from California’s strategy, its budget, outreach efforts and outcomes for implementing complete count committees for Census 2000.

  • Note: If you read the pdf report online, the links within the pdf with function properly and you will be able to access the print ads, billboards and displays, tv commercials and radio ads California used. Alternately, you can download the companion executable interface (198 MB) with those materials (after unzipping the files, open the file “Census2000.exe”).

Add a Countdown to Your Website

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The instructions below explain how to install a countdown on your own website. This was originally used as a LUCA countdown at but can be adapted a variety of ways.

The Clock

This is from You can customize size and background color, and this is the code needed on your webpage:


The Countdowns

  1. Download the following files and save to a location on your web server. (Note: these are the same code, but they have been customized to display different descriptions for BAS and full review.)
  2. Link the javascripts in the head of your webpage (you’ll want to use your own path depending on where you saved them in your site hierarchy)):
  3. Call the script at the point where you want it to display on the same page with the following code ( this is where you set the date):
    • countdownBAS(2007,10,31);
    • countdown(2007,11,19);